Occupational health and safety policy

EUROBULK LTD is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for on board and ashore staff, contractors and visitors and, in so doing, rates continuous improvement in occupational health and safety performance a high priority in all aspects of business activity.

Company’s policy is that no task is so important that an employee must violate a safety rule or put him or herself at risk of injury or illness in order to get it done.

To achieve this commitment consistent with international and national rules and regulations, the Company will ensure that:

- Takes all reasonable care for the health and safety of employees at work, as well as visitors and contractors;
- Necessary resources are available for implementing the shipboard occupational health and safety program;
- Comply with mandatory rules, regulations, applicable codes and take into account guidelines and standards recommended by the organizations, administrations, classification societies, and marine industry organizations;
- Establishes measurable objectives and targets at eliminating work related injury and illness;
- Protects the health of seafarers and provides prompt access to medical care on board and ashore when needed;
- Maintains a proactive approach to the identification of hazards, assessment and effective control of associated risks;
- Promotes systems that will minimize risk;
- Consults with and provides appropriate information, instructions, training and supervision that enables a consistently high standard of OH&S to all employees, contractors and visitors;
- Holds all managers, supervisors, employees and contractors accountable for OH&S performance in their daily activities, where identified as practicable and reasonable to do so;
- Seeks continuous improvement in OH&S performance through rigorous examination of all activities, practices and incidents, ongoing monitoring, auditing and review of management systems, and appraisal and analysis of performance standards;
- Will, in the event of a work related injury, facilitate effective claims management and rehabilitation assistance;
- Encourages reporting of near miss incident or problems, evaluate, and if appropriate, implement changes to prevent a more serious incident or accident in the future;
- Provides appropriate ship induction for all new and existing employees, contractors and visitors to ship;
and effectively implement this OH&S Policy with the aim of becoming an industry leader in OH&S performance;
- A shipboard occupational health and safety program is established for the benefit of the seafarers and which is monitored and upgraded as necessary by the OH&S manager;
and - Has established procedures to protect employees against exposure to dust, noise, cold, heat, chemicals or other dangerous materials/situations and clear instructions have been issued for the use of personal protective equipment.

The company’s management is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the company’s occupational health and safety programs at regular intervals in order to ensure that it remains effective.

EUROBULK LTD also promotes off-the-job safety to all of her employees. EUROBULK LTD cares about the safety and well-being of her employees, and will endorse safety and wellness programs.