Social Media Policy

Internet is a powerful tool and contributes to improving communication with families and friends of the ashore and seagoing personnel. EUROBULK LTD. (the company) identifies that using available means to spread information, allegations, rumors, gossips and other sensitive data, regardless of whether these are true or false can be harmful to oneself and to the company’s reputation and present or future business relationships.

The company urges all employees, contractors, business partners, or other third parties with a material interest in the operations of the company to use good judgement and common sense on information shared over the internet.

The following items are strictly prohibited from social media content, or from any form of unauthorized disclosure, and are NOT ALLOWED to be posted: - Future Vessel Movements.
The routes, port schedules and other commercial information of company’s vessels is CONFIDENTIAL and should NOT be circulated to the public, as it could lead to serious and possibly legal implications for the company AND those who have posted that information.
- Confidential Information.
Pictures or videos of officers and crew members taken during various recreation activities and events taking place on-board the ship, whereby one can identify the vessel and/or crew members.
- Any technical failure and Any HSE incident whatsoever.
Pictures, videos or statements about incidents experienced, or witnessed on board Company vessels. Posting of personal views and comments on such incidents are NOT ALLOWED
- Planned Project Activities, Current project status, Financial or Market-sensitive Information, Upcoming Market Announcements, Intellectual Property or Trade Secrets, Client Data
- Internet postings should not include company logos or trademarks unless permission is asked for and granted.

As in any form of electronic communication, the exchange or storage of incident, pornographic or illegal material is strictly prohibited through or on company provided hardware and software platforms. Personnel who fail to comply with this policy may face disciplinary action and in serious cases, termination of their employment or engagement.